Welcome to PMW Engineering

Automatize your manual processes and cut company costs

Manual processes obsolete equipment are a million-dollar expenditure for many companies every year.
At PMW Engineering we develop and produce equipment for handling packaging such as cap handling, cap screwing and special filling which secures our customers a cost-efficient and durable solution.

All units produced are modules that can be combined in various manners – also with machines not manufactured by us. This gives flexibility and creates possibilities to create systems that cater especially to the needs of your production.

Who we are

PMW Engineering is a Danish owned company that has more than 30 years of experience with filling and cap handling.

Our newest measuring device for insulation materials is developed and produced in collaboration with some of the leading companies within the field.

At PMW Engineering we are proud to be the leading producer of cap management systems for dairies in Northern Europe, and we are always striving to expand our costumer portfolio – both nationally and internationally.

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Why choose PMW engineering?

  • Dependable, reliable and durable engineering
  • Excellent production safety
  • Cost-effective production
  • Easy in maintenance
  • Energy-efficient construction
  • Silent and easy to clean
  • Contemporary documentation

Service agreement

If you want a service agreement we will be happy to give you a proposal.


PMW-Engineering A/S installs, relocates, rebuilds and modifies own production lines. We carry out installation and assembly of individual machines with conveyors etc.. or total installation of whole lines. A timetable is drawn up to ensure coordination between various craft groups.

Technical support

PMW Engineering A/S will send technicians out for maintenance, troubleshooting, repair and are available in case of breakdown of machinery. In addition, it is possible to restore acces to the original manuals.