CapAir – for large production facilities

If you have multiple installations, a high-ceilinged room and ample space, CapAir could be the optimum solution for you. The CapAir system is ideal for companies with large production halls and many units, as the system can feed two units by one conveyor pipe.

Flexible and modular

CapAir is designed with replaceable, flexible standard modules, each individual module being easy to maintain, service and replace. The simple, modular design ensures less downtime for service and repairs.

The CapAir transport pipe system uses surrounding air to blow caps forward randomly to be sorted at the filling machinery (HEPA filter optional).

The CapSort unit´(s) is placed on top of the filling machinery, typically 5 metres above the floor.

This system requires enough height above the filling machine to ensure installation and service space for the capsorter. In accordance with a layout it is possible to place the CapAir outside production thus ensuring a cleaner environment by preventing paperboard and other materials within production.


  • 0.75-2.0 kW ventilator supplies air flow to the system
  • CapAir can be equipped with HEPA filter to obtain clean-air transport solutions
  • All transport goes via 4¨(101mm)
    dairy grade tube system with ISO clamp unions.


  • Available in 600 0r 800 mm sizes
  • Capacity varies from captype to captype, up to 13.000 caps per hour
  • Cubic volume: 3 – 4 l
  • Units powered by 0.25 kW AC gear motor, for security reasons mounted with built-in limited slip clutch
  • Circulation direction R/L

Advantages of the CapAir system

Ideal for large production facilities
Cost effective solution for long distances
Ability to distribute caps for multiple fillers at once
Easy change and almost costless format parts change


To accommodate needs for clean air we offer HEPA filter units as a supplement. It is even possible to offer Retrofit HEPA units on earlier delivered units.
Filter units comes complete with stainless surroundings and pre-filter.

CapAir - Step by Step

1. Caps filled into CapAir manually

Add caps to the cap container. From the container, when CapSort´s are calling, the caps are vibrated into the injector and further to the pipeline and then randomly blown forward to the  sorting unit.

When signal is given form CapSorter the vibrator below the cap container will start and gently vibrate the caps into the injection system between the blower and the transport system. For saving energy the fan motor is typically shot down when no calls from
filling machine is performed within 5-10 minutes.

2. Cap-sorting unit

CapSorter distributes caps into a dividing system, placing them with the hole facing up, ready to be received by captrack leading directly to cap applicators installed in filling machines.

For your convenience the CapSort unit is equipped with a rotation monitoring function that stops the sorting process if a faulty cap or a foreign object should be trapped in the system. Programmatically the unit will then reverse for a number of times, solve the problem and then continue the sorting without further notice.

A CapAir system allows the individual modules to be combined to suit your particular needs. The length of a CapAir transport pipe can, for instance, vary, the CapSorter is available in various sizes, and CapAir is able to supply caps to two sorting units.