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At PMW Engineering A/S, we have more than 30 years of experience with producing equipment for packaging – including cap-handling, cap screwing and special filling – that ensure a cost-effective and durable solution. All developments are based on many years of experience, skilled employees, external specialists and suppliers.

Flexible and tailor-made solutions

Our many years of experience in the business has taught us that no two production halls are alike. Therefore, all our machines and units are developed as the so-called mothers, which makes it possible to assemble different systems that match your company’s needs – whether we are talking about food and beverage industry, pharmaceutical industry, or chemical-technical – cosmetics industry, we make it possible.

Since our mission is to make it as flexible, easy and cost-efficient as possible for our customers, all our machines are produced as modules that can be combined in several ways into a production facility layout. This means that our machine units will fit into existing production lines as well as other existing machine units will fit into our delivered production lines.

Leading producer in Northern Europe

Today PMW Engineering A/S is a leading producer of caps handling for dairies in Northern Europe and we experience an increase in exports of machines to the rest of the world.
The success derives from amongst other things the stealthy constructions with high reliability, durability alongside a high user-friendliness of the machines.
In addition, we strive to always carry out the production in a timely and sustainable fashion.

Our Ambition:

At PMW, we strive to integrate our competencies in an innovative, reliable and value-creating fashion for the benefit of our customers.

Our Promise:

We promise to be a committed partner in the creation of solutions that meet everyone’s expectations.

Our Behavior:

In our daily work, we always strive to solve tasks effectively, securely and within the agreed timeframe – regardless of the complexity of the task. It is our goal that customers and suppliers will experience PMW Engineering A/S as a dedicated and quality-proven business partner.

Additionally, we want our work and sense of responsibility, whose lives and conditions we influence, to be considered with respect and acknowledgement of the surrounding society.

With our ambition, promise and behaviour as the pillar of our company, we strive to live up to the expectations to be a responsible business partner for both our customers and our suppliers. This is deeply engraved in our history, and it is therefore important for us that it shows on a daily basis in our way of doing business.

At PMW Engineering, we believe that our responsibility towards our business partners must be based on trust, which is created through our behaviour and through the reputation that we are given.

Our values

The mentioned values will fit with our existing cooperative values:

  • Mutual respect
  • Responsibility and initiative
  • We reach our goal!

At PMW Engineering A/S we see a high quality as a defining factor for our business’ position on the market. Being quality-conscious has become an integrated and natural part of our company culture and behaviour, which is reflected in our objectives for our level of quality, and is comprised of the following:

  • We aim for customers and suppliers to experience PMW Engineering A/S as a dedicated and quality-conscious business partner
  • All accepted orders – regardless of complexity – will be carried out effectively, securely and within the agreed timeframe
  • Current customers will be highly prioritized

Quality objectives

As a part of our superimposing quality objectives, we have a specific quality aim to fulfil the intentions in accordance with the DS/EN ISO 9001.

Thus, as our work with the quality handbook progresses, we strive to successfully implement the individual elements that are included in the quality handbook in our daily routines.

Environmental objectives

In addition to having focus on the quality, PMW Engineering is also an environmentally conscious company, that wishes to live up to demands from the authorities, the surroundings and the customers.

We work to continually improve our environmentally friendliness, in order to ensure that we are always ahead of the game in terms of environmental progress and thereby is as little a problem for the environment as possible.

Directives and standards

At PMW Engineering A/S we build machines in accordance with the 3 following directives which are the current and legal concerning us as a machine manufacturer.

• The Machinery Directive      2006/42/EU
• The Low Voltage Directive   2014/35/EU
• The EMC Directive                2014/30/EU

EN ISO 12100: 2011-03, Safety of machinery – General principles for design – Risk assessment and risk reduction

EN ISO 13857: 2008-06, Safety of machinery – Safety distances to prevent hazard zones being reached by upper and lower limbs

Where necessary and suitable to work by other directives and standards we will do so.

PMW Engineering A/S is the leading manufacturer of cap handling to dairies in northern Europe, and has an increase in exports of machinery to the rest of the world. The success is due to the solid construction, high reliability, stability, durability and ease of use of the machines.

PMW Engineering endeavor at all times to carry out production on an up-to-date and sustainable way. All development is based on many years of experience, skilled employees, external specialists and subcontractors.