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July, 2019:

For Crediton Dairy, England, through Elopak EQS, we have delivered a cap handling system consisting of control unit (CapSystem), elevator (CapLift 240) and conveyor (CapLine 140). The plant is part of a brand new department at the old dairy.

June, 2019:

For Danone’s development division in France, we have supplied a test equipment to be used to test a dosing unit’s ability to rapidly fill bottles that pass by at a speed of over 30 meters per minute (400 bottles / min).

June, 2019:

For the machine builder Shikoku Kakoki in Japan, we have supplied two sorting units (CapSort 800) for their FAT test facility.

May, 2019:

For Rockwool in Romania we have supplied test equipment to their laboratory. We have supplied a thickness gauge (ThiGa), an angle gauge (AnGa), 4 water absorption gauges (WAB) and a wax gauge (WAX).

May, 2019:

For Naturmælk in Tinglev, we have supplied a cap handling system for operating two filling machines of the brand Shikoku S-PSF70UC to 7000 caps per hour per machine. The system consists of a control unit (CapSystem), two sorting units (CapSort 800), renovation of the elevator (CapLift 240) and conveyor (CapLine 140) and installation of side discharge to one soring unitr.

April, 2019:

We have supplied one of our simplest cap pressing machines for FF engineering. The cap is placed on top of the bottle, running through the machine, which presses the cap firmly.

April, 2019:

For Tine, Tunga dairy in Norway (through Elopak EQS) we have delivered a cap sorting system consisting of control unit (CapSystem), elevator (CapLift 240), conveyor (CapLine 140) and sorting unit (CapSort 800). The system will supply a Shikoku S-PSF50UC machine with 5500 caps per hour.

March, 2019:

For Øllingegaard dairy (through Elopak EQS) we have supplied a cap handling system consisting of control unit (CapSystem), elevator (CapLift 240), conveyor (CapLine 140) and sorting unit (CapSort 800). The system should supply a Shikoku S-PSF70UC machine with 7000 caps per hour

February, 2019:

For Rockwool International, Hedehusene DK we delivered four pieces of testing equipment (WAB) for a new laboratory that is established in 2019. The testing equipment is for testing water absorbtion and is part of bigger delivery for this laboratory.

PMW Engineering - vandabsorberings testudstyr

February, 2019:

For Iduna A/S DK we delivered a complete filling line to fill and screw caps on canisters. The machine consists of a conveyor belt (PackLine 190), a filling unit (RotoFillMax) and a unit for tightening caps (CapMaster L-S).

The capacity is 500-1000 5L canistors per hour.

The machine is able to handle 5, 10 and 20L canisters.

PMW Engineering - komplet fyldelinje

February, 2019:

For Friesland Campina, Belgium we delivered a Cap Supply machine for an Elopak Eqs E-PS120A filling machine.

The machine consists of an elevator (CapLift 240) and a conveyor belt (CapLine 140) that brings the capsules to the Elopak filling machine.

The capacity is 12.000 capsules per hour.

PMW Engineering - Cap Line 140
PMW Engineering - Cap Lift 240

December, 2018:

Three complete Cap Supply Systems delivered to Sonnländer GmbH, Rostock, Germany. It´s first time we replace another existing system. Our system was chosen because it in contrast to other systems our CapLine systems does not produce dust during the process.

The three systems were installed and ready to work in less than a week, thanks to clever engineers, helpful costumers, god preparation and surveys.

CapLine, PMW-Engineering
CapLift, PMW-Engineering

November, 2018:

We have developed a new product to press caps/lids on bottles/cups. We call it CapOmatic. The cap/lid is placed on top of the bottle/cup, go through the machine, which press the cap/lid firm to the bottle/cup.

Through FF-engineering is delivered two pieces to a pharmaceutical customer in Sweden.
The CapOmatic unit is the simplest of our cap press machines.

CapOmatic, PMW-Engineering

November, 2018:

For Grådö dairy in Hedemora, Sweden we delivered a Cap Supply System to be installed on a Shikoku S-PRF-50UC filling machine for 1½ liter milk carton. The capacity is 5500 caps per hour.

Kapselhåndtering, PMW-Engineering

October, 2018:

For ARL Linköping, Sweden we delivered a Cap Supply System, which shall handle 7-8000 caps per hour. The system is installed at a Shikoku S-PSF-70UC.filling machine.

Fyldemaskine, PMW-Engineering

September, 2017:

For Tine dairy, Brumunddal, Norway we delivered a Cap Supply System, which shall handle 12000 caps per hour. The system is installed on an Elopak ESP-120A filling machine.

CapLift, PMW-Engineering
CapLift, PMW-Engineering
CapLift, PMW-Engineering

August, 2018:

For Rockwools new development laboratory we have delivered different types of equipment, like a ThiGa thickness gauge and a DefGa deflection gauge.

The DefGa deflection gauge for testing deflection of the bats, is working by placing the bats at two plates, fixed in the two ends of the bat and a weight plate is activated by the deflection and measures the exact deflection in mm.

ThiGa tykkelsesmåler

June, 2018:

For BoFood AB Karlshamn, Sweden we delivered a Cap Supply System, which shall handle 12000 caps per hour. The system is installed on a Elopak ESP-120A filling machine.

Kapselhåndteringssystem, PMW-Engineering
Kapselhåndteringssystem, PMW-Engineering
Kapselhåndteringssystem, PMW-Engineering

May, 2018:

Brenntag AS got delivered a filling system, which can work in an environment with risk of explosion.
All electric and movable components shall be special approved for working in this dangerous environment, no sparks must be made.

So for this machine an comprehensive documentation has been made to guarantee, that all components are approved to function in an environment with risk of explosion

Fyldeanlæg, PMW-Engineering
Fyldeanlæg, illustration, PMW-Engineering

March, 2018:

For Orkla Health in Ishøj, Denmark we have delivered a new capping machine for child safe caps at a glass packaging line. Orkla Health in Ishøj is part of the Norwegian Orkla concern. Orkla Health produce vitamins and dietary supplements like Gerimax.

PMW-Engineering has several machine units at Orkla Health production lines. Often, we spar with their own engineers to develop solutions to product technical and mechanical design questions. We have often been involved in their total production layout.

kapselskruemaskine, PMW-Engineering
Vitaminer og kosttilskud

March, 2018:

Through Propex AS in Svendborg, Denmark we delivered a RotoFill mini S to Frankly Juice in Brøndby, Denmark.

The machine fill two bottles at the time, and the filling tube has a servo motor, that make the filling nozzle go up gradually as the bottle is filled.

RotoFill mini S, PMW-Engineering

February, 2018:

At Arla in Esbjerg, Denmark we have complemented their existing equipment with two new lines of Cap Supply System. The systems are installed at a Shikoku S-PSF-140UC filling machine. The system has a capacity of 14.000 caps per hour.

Fyldemaskine, PMW-Engineering

October, 2017:

For Rockwools fabric in Cigacice, Poland we have delivered a water absorption vessel – WAB.

vandabsorptionsmåler, WAB. PMW-Engineering

September, 2017:

Through EURO Machinen und Geräte, Germany we have delivered measuring equipment for Rockwool, MoscoW, Russia: A thichness gauge, ThiGa and a water absorption vessel, WAB.

August, 2017:

A whole new system has left the production hall: we have developed the new InkJet-system, which has just been delivered to LEO Pharma A/S.

The InkJet-system is designed to transport, mark and control the small containers.
Every bottle/container is marked with a date or a batch number on the bottom of the container.

Hereafter a control camera will verify whether the marking has been applied correctly. The machine can be programmed to take various actions in case of mistakes in the marking.

June, 2017:

This month the DIS A/S (Dansk Inginiør Service A/S) in Skanderborg, Denmark, has received a CapMaster 3.3 NX, which is part of a bigger assignment for them to deliver to their customers.

The CapMaster 3.3 NX is now updated with the newest servo technology from OMRON (Sysmac NX) and is in this case used for small bottles, which will be filled with paint and the like. The order entailed machines that make sure the bottles are positioned correctly, apply drip insert and caps and finish off with applying a label.

The order also contained an extensive control of the elements for the different functions of the machine with a following cassation.

May, 2017:

This month we have delivered a CapMatic L.S.S to the company Jakobsens, Danmark’s largest honey supplier.

The order consists of among other things a CapMatic L.S.S. capping machine, cap-handling equipment with lift (cap sorting elevator) and long conveyer for feeding caps, alongside an extensive PackLine conveyer system for the honey jars through the labeling machine all the way to a new packing machine.

May, 2017:

Through Elopak EQS Germany we delivered a Cap Supply System consisting of a CapLift and two CapLine’ s to company Niederrein-Gold in Moers, Germany. The system is installed at Elopaks ESP-120A filling machine.

PMW-Engineering, CapLine
PMW-Engineering, CapLift

April, 2017:

In April, we finished a new and very exciting task. The internationally known Rockwool has opened a factor in Memphis, US, where we delivered the complete line of inspection units for Rockfon products to facilitate the production laboratory.

In collaboration with Rockwool we have designed and developed a range of new measuring devices, used to produce Rockfon. It has been an interesting task and we will look forward to supply the future productions facilities in the US.

March, 2017:

Through Elopak EQS Germany we delivered a Cap Supply System to Dohrn & Timm GmbH in Didersdorf, Germany. The system consists of a CapLift and a CapLine and is installed at Elopaks ESP-120A filling machine.

February, 2017:

To Rynkeby Most in Ringe, Denmark is delivered a Cap Supply System consisting of a CapLift 240 and a CapLine 140.The system can handle 12000 caps per hour. The system is delivered through Elopak EQS in Germany and is installed o one of their own filling machines – ESP 120A.

CapLift 240 - PMW-Engineering

January, 2017:

For Knud E. Dan A/S, Greve, Denmark, that produce cleaning products for the industry, we delivered a complete filling line. The production line, which handle 5 to 20 liter plastic canisters, is installed with a setup table, a transport system, a filling machine and a double EME Labelling machine. The setup table allows the operator to fill up with bigger numbers of canisters, which give him time to take care of other processes at the line between filing up.

Ultimo 2016:

Our last assignment in 2016 was the delivery of a filling line for Knud E. Dan. The filling line is designed for 5 to 10 liter cans and was delivered with a bottle feeding table of the type PackFeed 2000, filling machine type RotoFill MAX, and conveyor system type PackLine 190 along with a renovated double-sided EME labeling system.