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At PMW Engineering A/S, we have the pleasure of being able to offer service and machines in the well-known Weiss-quality.

We work not only to deliver machines in high quality, but also strive to deliver services at a level just as high.

We own the rights to all own-produced machines, equipment and spare parts, which Per Weiss A/S and Tang & Weiss A/S have produced since 1990, just as EFAM machines and spare parts are supported by PMW Engineering A/S. This means that we can supply machines for current as well as new customers at any time.

The customers’ experience of our products must be positive. Therefore, our mission is to keep developing products that are user-friendly and cost-efficient – and can be produced in a timely and sustainable fashion.

Our loyalty and passion for our craftsmanship and our customers can be. Obtained by choosing us as a supplier, advisor and service partner, you are always sure to receive an extraordinary service.

Service agreement

If you want a service agreement we will be happy to give you a proposal.


PMW-Engineering A/S installs, relocates, rebuilds and modifies own production lines. We carry out installation and assembly of individual machines with conveyors etc.. or total installation of whole lines. A timetable is drawn up to ensure coordination between various craft groups.

Technical support

PMW Engineering A/S will send technicians out for maintenance, troubleshooting, repair and are available in case of breakdown of machinery. In addition, it is possible to restore acces to the original manuals.


PMW Engineering A/S advises on all types of production equipment concerning the packaging of liquids and tablets within the food and beverage industry, pharmaceutical, chemical and cosmetic industry. We will, with complete confidentiality, involve professionals with relevant skills. In that way we can assure our clients the right consultancy.

The consultancy is based upon many years of industry experience, competent employees and experience from previous projects where business and production details will always remain confidential.


The employees at PMW Engineering A/S has in 30 years accumulated a lot of knowledge, which of course will benefit our customers, when we undertake the projecting of complete systems and machine units. We review the task in all its phases and “think” everything to end, in order to predict potential pitfalls.

It often turns out that the customer “is content” with less equipment than first assumed and at this stage it is important to get the right guidance.

At the start of the project we will prepare a detailed and definite timetable to help meet the appointed delivery times, as well as to inform all project participants about their tasks and deadlines.